Big Man Tiny Living

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As some of you know, I am considered a giant amongst most. I’m tall, and not a “slim” tall. This played a huge role in finding our travel trailer to begin our tiny living.  To say it was challenging would be an understatement, but it was still a lot of fun searching.The RV world is full of small, which is understandable considering the constraints of being able to move easily.

In our search, some of the must-haves (relating to my height) were being able to walk around without having to hunch over, being able to stretch out where I slept, and most importantly fitting in the shower! Once these requirements were met, we could focus our attention on our wants: a u-shaped dinette, plenty of storage, a slide that didn’t hold the fridge/stove, among other things… but more on that later…

Ronn standing in a small shower
(Trying out a shower in a C class RV.)

Now, before we get too far into this. I want to say that there are some big RV’s out there!  With enough money you can get anything right?  But, we were focused on budget, maximized space, and having money to travel and explore. We looked at Class C RVs, but being equipped with a built in engine increased the price tag. We looked at destination trailers that fit the height and living area requirements, but weren’t created for continuous travel. We ultimately chose our 2017 Cherokee Grey Wolf 24RK by Forest River.  With some negotiation, we got it for $18,000, with a monthly payment we could easily afford.

The reason we’re mentioning how my height impacted our RV search is because we are planning to start a series on our YouTube channel called Big Man Tiny Living! The videos will show a lot of me just dealing with being a giant and living in a tiny home on wheels. We are hoping to, on occasion, showcase different RV options, some of which would be great for bigger people and some that just flat out are not. There will be many instances of me hitting my head and banging my knees against something (LOL), but we’re hoping to show how feasible it is to be a big man living small for bigger adventures.

Welcome to BIGMAN TINYLIVING! Watch me point out the obvious!

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