Possessed! By possessions.

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Do you love all of your possessions?

If not, why do you still possess those things? As we grew up, our culture ingrained in us the belief that we need more. And then some more. And then some more. Now, I am not about to get all preachy and start talking about “you need to be a minimalist” or ” go hug your nearest tree.” Everyone’s situation is different. Everyone values different things. But how much do you really need? Do your possessions add value to your lives? Or do they hold you back?

When we began our “we want to live in an RV!” journey, we recognized that we would have to cut down on how much “stuff” we were going to take with us. And holy shit did we have A LOT of stuff! You really do not know how many things you own, until you get it all out in front of you in one space. For us it was a huge surprise. To be honest, it really should not have been.   Prior to deciding to invest in a mobile lifestyle, we were searching for a sticks and bricks house. Our plans were to have more, not less.

I began buying wall art for my future room, started collecting comic books again(the wife and I are big Marvel fans), and I began getting more equipment for my personal music studio. Not to mention a lot of various purchases that can only be described at this time as “stuff”. We wanted a house anywhere between 1,500 sqft – 2,500 sqft. We wanted three bedrooms. We wanted an entertainment room. We wanted…more…

Our travel trailer is an estimated 192 sqft. That seems a bit drastic huh? That is smaller than our current bedroom! When I moved to Ohio, I only brought what I could fit in my car. Our room was mostly empty. Now, we struggle to find room for all of our items. We have stuff stored in Jess’s mom’s basement. We have too much.

We’re overwhelmed by the thought of downsizing, but we’re more motivated by the life we will be able to live when we focus on more than just stuff. The more we focus on following our dreams, the easier it is to say goodbye to our possessions.

We truly can’t wait to begin this adventure and to share our journey with you all. We hope that our story will be an inspiration to others and will show that life begins when the goal shifts away from how much we own, to how intentional we set out to live.

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